Maya Santos is a Documentary Filmmaker, and Media Artist based in Los Angeles. She is also Creative Director of FORM follows FUNCTION, a collaborative media studio creating non-fiction media about places and Consultant for +LAB, a creative community development strategy of Little Tokyo Service Center in Downtown LA.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from Washington State University in 1999, Maya found her way to videography through her interest in multi-media, coupled with her love of life behind the camera. Maya’s first creation, Fonogra(Ph)x (2001), a feature-length documentary and multi-media performance on turntablism, was featured in the 2002 Northwest Asian American Film Festival. Her first experimental short film, to transgress: a meditation (2006), appeared in various film festivals including 2007 Frameline 31 SF International Film Festival and 2006 Cinemanila International Film Festival. As Lead Editor at Sustainable Media Studio she began her documentary directorial debut, most notably with A Conversation (2010), which featured in the 2011 Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, 2011 Film Independent Short Fix Program and 2012 Architekturclips in Berlin, Germany.

Since the establishment of FORM follows FUNCTION (FfF) in 2011, Maya has collaboratively directed and produced 20+ short videos about various places throughout Los Angeles as well as Seattle and the Philippines. FfF's running list of collaborators include 40+ individuals and institutions including KCET DEPARTURES, ONE DAY ON EARTH, L.A. CONSERVANCY and VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS. Internationally she collaborated as Co-Cinematographer and Editor of The Cotabato Sessions (2013), a short film and music album, featuring Indigenous Music of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines. Her most recent collaboration is a partnership with Visual Communications called, FfF Interactive, an initiative aimed to use immersive technology to highlight the history of neighborhoods that are often overlooked. Through this partnership, Maya expands her creative direction to 360 virtual reality media and site-specific projection map installations.

FfF films have screened at the L.A. Asian American Film Festival, DC Asian American Film Festival, Architecture and Design Museum L.A., NY Asian American Film Festival, and New Urbanism Film Festival.